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Model 200 Manual Single Sided Tabletop Mask Aligner for R&D

Vendor 協同インターナショナル

Single-sided mask aligner (adhesion/proximity/contact exposure) equipment. It is compact and easy to install because it is a desk/tabletop type. Manual type. For research and development (R&D). reasonable. Made by OAI.

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model 200
Substrate size Up to 8 inch square
Mask size Up to 9 inch square
Alignment stage control XY movement: ±10mm
Z motion: 1500µm
Rotation: ±3.5°
Alignment accuracy -
Exposure time 0.1s to 99.0s (0.1s interval) or 1s to 999s (1s interval)
Exposure Mode: Resolution Proximity: 5µm (20µm gap)
Soft contact: 2µm
Hard contact: 1µm
Vacuum contact : sub-µm
throughput -
Incidental equipment Power supply: 110V or 220V (depending on specification)
Vacuum line, air line or N2 line, exhaust line
size 940mmH x 788mmW x 635mmD
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