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Conversion device/adapter for replacing floppy disks (FD/Floppy Disk) that are no longer manufactured/produced with USB. Compatible with ATAPI communication standard. Supports 34-pin connector, 2HD, 1.44MB FD. Comes with 1 USB memory, mainly compatible with UNITY etc.

・Can be used for data backup of process recipes/transport recipes, etc. ・Solves the problem of hard-to-obtain FD drives and media due to discontinuation ・Using cheap and easily available USB memory (up to 8 GB can be used)
・Data for 100 floppy disks (maximum) can be stored in one USB memory. ・Data in USB can be managed on a Windows PC. ・Simply replace the FDD currently in use (fully compatible).
・ Operation verified on actual machine (Unity)

*Compatible with Windows and DOS PCs. For equipment that has not been installed, we do not ask for actual equipment evaluation.

*Not compatible with the NEC98 series. Also, boot disks are not supported.

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