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Aquatic magnetic choroid A-05D, A-07

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Magnetic fluid for magnetic domain/magnetic pattern observation (aqueous magnetic colloid solution). Easy to use just by applying. Ideal for observation of magnetic domain figures/magnetization patterns of ferromagnets. Comes in a glass bottle. This type is for overseas because it is water-based.

Contents: 50ml/bottle (in a glass bottle)

  • It is a colloidal liquid in which iron oxide ultrafine particles with a particle size of about 10 nm are dispersed to single particles, and it does not precipitate even after long-term storage, and provides high resolution.
  • It is also possible to observe domain wall movement caused by an external magnetic field by observing with a cover glass.
  • It exhibits good wettability on many media surfaces, enabling uniform pattern formation.
  • The solvent is water and does not contain any harmful ingredients.
  • It can be diluted with water to any concentration before use.
  • A-05D and A-07 can be mixed, and the sensitivity can be adjusted according to the mixing ratio.

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